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  A Beacon Leader is a person who represents a leadership light in the darkness. The light shines on a simple fact, if you want a company to be successful, ensure its employees are set up to succeed. A Beacon Leader shines this light with humility. He or she understands that leadership is a continuous process improvement of inner qualities that shine outward when needed.

Beacon Leaders take action resulting in the alignment of their workforce's experience, skills and motivation to achieve consistent and exceptional results. The Beacon Leadership Society offers membership to those "staying the course" and wanting to proactively ensure their employees are set up to succeed and are in alignment with business goals. If you believe leadership is a continuous process improvement, apply for membership today. There is no fee for joining and discounts for all products, services and workshops are offered exclusively to members.
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Exclusive memberships for specially focused people


  No matter who is your favorite author, from Napoleon Hill to John Maxwell, from “The Laws of Success,” first published in 1928, to the multitude of success and leadership books currently on the market, there are three reoccurring, consistent themes: (1) manage your attitude, (2) choose a belief system that supports you, and (3) keep on a path of self-awareness and integrity. The Beacon Leadership Society is based on supporting you in these three areas, including exclusive add-in modules that work with your desktop software. Members get exclusive discounts on specialized leadership products and services designed specifically for the Beacon Society, and if interested, you are welcome to join.   Laws of Success


Making Success Possible to Achieve


  The Society educates itself in supporting its members in groundbreaking methods and techniques from well-know leadership sources. For example, in Christopher Howard’s book, “Turning Passions into Profits,” he dedicates half his book to internal communication, including attitude and belief. He goes on to describe how, without successful internal communication, success is almost impossible to achieve. The Society could list an additional 20 main stream authors that say that managing internal communication is vital for your success. The Society has heard the call for support of its members and in response, and with the cooperation of Catalyst Technologies, spent five years developing a technology focused on supporting the leader from within. That is one of three software tools designed exclusively for its members.   Turning Passions into Profits

Staying on Course


  Technology supporting inner dialog is vital to leaders for many reasons and the Society is on the forefront of providing its members with customized leadership software to support real world challenges. Bill George, in his book "True North," describes how easy it is for leaders to loss their way. Peter Drucker describes the challenges of making principled decision when money is involved: “If there are opportunities that threaten the integrity of the organization, you must say no. Otherwise, you sell your soul.” The Beacon Leadership Society actively focuses on supporting its members to stay on purpose or, if necessary, redefine their purpose as they become more self-aware, as stated by Bill George.   True North

Keeping a Healthy Mental Attitude

  Many managers/leaders become under great pressure and develop anxiety issues. Some even joke and say that it comes with the job. But, it’s no joking matter. These pressures have been known to cause physical and emotional issues for leaders. "Talking to Yourself," by Dr. Pamela Butler, emphasizes that anxiety from negative self talk is a serious issue for anyone, but especially when you are under the strain of getting results on-time, on-budget or meeting that almost unachievable bottom-line goal. And there is a common remedy described throughout the popular literature that the Society uses to support its members. One of the Society’s software tools developed for its members focuses on dealing with what Dr. Daniel G. Amen refers to in his book “Change Your Brain Change Your Life as ANT (automatic negative thoughts). This is a membership that understands and knows how to support its leaders, even in learning how to “kill the fortune-telling ANTs” using modern technology.   Talking to Yourself and Change Your Brain

Supporting Personal Leadership

  The Society’s goals are to help you bring these resources to the forefront of your behavior so your customer, business and team can consistently benefit from your leadership excellence. And that you might benefit more and more from your relationship with yourself and others. Robin Sharma, in his novel, “The Leader Who Had No Title” discusses “The 7 Fundamentals of Personal Leadership.” Surprisingly, five of the seven fundamentals have been automated in the leadership tool suite offered by the Society and customized for its members. The Society is on the forefront of automated leadership tools to adequately support its members in the most fundamental areas of leadership.   The Leader Who Had No Title

Supporting the Process of Awareness and Learning

  The Society knows that you and your team must be in a constant learning mode to stay competitive in business and successful in your life. Your team generates pieces of Intellectual Property everyday that gets lost because there is no time to document and integrate the knowledge. Again, the Society responded to the needs to its members with fundamental software technology. In a book written by Warren Bennis and Joan Goldsmith, “Learning to Lead,” the authors present a meaningful discussion as to the need to make mistakes and learn. Obviously, this is a common sense principle supported by many leading authors and experts on leadership. But, they added an interesting observation to the process of reinventing yourself as a leader, as quoted below: “Whether you realize it or not, you already have the ability, the knowledge, and the experience to become a leader. All it takes is becoming aware of your abilities and insights and practicing effective behaviors that express your natural leadership talents.” That sums up the Society’s goals in supporting its members, which introduces technology designed exclusively for the people who join.   Learning to Lead


- Automated Learning Support


  The Society, always active in supporting its members, has also developed, with the cooperation of Catalyst Technologies, an add-in module to your desktop software that ensures you capture your knowledge and make the best use of it for future success. Its members have the opportunity to use an automated Lessons Learned Journal to support their self-awareness with regard to being “authentic” and true to themselves when dealing with your customers, business, and teams.


- E-Learning Tools


  It cannot be emphasized enough the value and need, with today’s demanding leadership roles, of being a Beacon Leadership Member. The Society is active in supporting you, not just with words, but with coaching, networking and technology. So, it shouldn’t be surprising to know that your actions, when a member, in being a good leader are a main focus. The Beacon Leadership Society offers a leadership e-learning software, another add-in module to your desktop software, that focuses on helping you create the right attitude and the right action plan,” as highlighted by John Maxwell, in his book, "Developing the Leader Within You." Again, the concepts, discussions and tips that drive the knowledge base of the leadership e-learning tool are supported by many well known leadership authors and business consultants. We can go on with benefits of joining, but it’s time for a decision. Developing the Leader Within You

Give to Yourself

  The Beacon Leadership Society is an exclusive group focused on inner and outer communication to ensure your employees set up to succeed and in alignment with business goals. Members are offered exclusive discounts on exceptional products and services to (1) recognize and remember your inner qualities, (2) view your team's positive potential to excel, and (3) learn from your history to continually be a better leader. Are you a beacon of light in the darkness? If so, become a member. If you want to be, become a member. Otherwise, follow someone who is a member and learn from their example.