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Bruce Nagy, Founder, Leadership Technology Architect


Bruce Nagy is the CEO and founder of Catalyst Technologies, a cutting edge management firm focused on improved cost control through solutions that better utilize data as a learning tool and people as an integrated team. He was first to develop metadata-based algorithms that incorporated unique human factor variables specific to an organization's workforce and cost control needs. This earned him significant notoriety for his knowledge regarding practical cost control that yields a very healthy organization with a high ROI.


Throughout his career, Mr. Nagy has received numerous awards, including Businessperson of the Year and Who's Who in America. He has published a variety of papers in various journals and periodicals, including for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on topics ranging from advances in engineering algorithms and metrics to business strategy and innovation.


Since his days as a forward deployed Naval Officer, he has been considered a maverick in cost control and leadership approaches. He has been challenging conventional management practices for over 30 years. While in the Navy, Mr. Nagy earned four degrees; one in mathematics, two in electrical engineering, and one in biology. During that period as part of his graduate studies, he developed advanced algorithms and metrics that resolved national defense issues in satellite communications for Department of Defense (DoD). With a desire to support paraplegic research, he made advancements in modeling brain stem communication to muscle groups that got noticed by National Institutes of Health (NIH) elite neuroscience staff. Subsequently, Mr. Nagy spent time doing postgraduate work at the University of California in Los Angeles in advanced neural modeling. While serving as a Naval Officer, he received honors for his efforts in recovering a failed program that was jeopardizing US national defense.


Bruce Nagy  

Not "Status Quo" - History:

While resolving significant technical issues for major programs that jeopardized US national defense, and as a United States Naval Officer with the highest clearances available, he became frustrated with business-as-usual that caused financial inefficiencies. Consequently, over 30 years ago, Mr. Nagy recognized the need for advances in operations and project management algorithms and metrics. He began to develop a unique set of leadership metrics based on proven best practices that provided consistent success, even in extreme business situations.

During his career, Mr. Nagy has developed a wide range of Intellectual Property, from game theory to advanced social psychology, in the process of refining the steps within the leadership process. DoD experts have rated his technology as one of the top three in the country, and number one in implementation management. The Project Management Institute (PMI), an international organization, has showcased a series of papers written by Mr. Nagy discussing how to integrate organizational dynamics into project planning and task execution management.


Having successfully run and profited from several self-started companies, Mr. Nagy has the ability to translate business vision into realizable, strategic initiatives that create viable, quantifiable results. He has known both success and failure, giving him the breadth of experience necessary to develop his leadership based technology. He understands an executive's vision, decision criteria and also the perspective of the employee who is responsible for the implementation.


In an interview with a local Los Angeles, California cable show hosted by Ms. Marianna Kitts, Mr. Nagy discussed various aspects of employees being authentic in the workplace. "Marianna Kitts is a wonderful interviewer. She knows relevant and, at times, challenging questions to ask. She understands the relationship between quality of life and being authentic, and it was a pleasure to talk with her about these subjects," stated Mr. Nagy after the interview.



Cable Interview

How can being authentic and using quality of life principles in the workplace provide management with dramatic increases in productivity and efficiency? (Part 1 of 3)

Links to YouTube:
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Mr. Nagy has an impressive array of intellectual property (IP) supporting best practice leadership principles including financial analysis models, project management board games, attitude alignment card games, experiential learning devices on overcoming team communication barriers, various leadership based software programs (for operations and project management), and hardware that physically model team direction and communication. He also has IP describing advanced client to server architecture (for both thin and fat desktop clients), Viterbi decoder algorithms and “Rosetta Stone” financial analysis metrics. His project and operations management proprietary software, appropriately called "u2 Leadership," seamlessly and successfully integrates his leadership algorithms and metrics into simple add-on programs that work with most popular desktop office suite applications. Based on his detailed knowledge of client to server architecture, Mr. Nagy focused on "keeping it simple" and user friendly within all his software technology designs, allowing for easy application and use.


Mr. Nagy brings the benefits of over three decades of experience when supporting senior management in overcoming challenging business issues. His thirty years of experience includes CEO/President, COO, CTO and VP Engineering of small hi-tech firms, as well as a successful history of consulting with senior executives and leaders in translating team productivity and leadership into profit.


To read a ground breaking paper by Mr. Nagy on critical task analysis of projects: PDF

To read a ground breaking paper by Mr. Nagy on organizational analysis based on motivation: PDF