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  The Beacon Leadership Society is an exclusive group focused on inner and outer communication to make you successful and maintain your integrity as a leader. In today’s world, you need it. Membership are offered exclusive discounts on exceptional products and services to (1) manage your attitude, (2) choose a belief system that supports you, and (3) keep on a path of self-awareness and integrity.


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STAY CURRENT: Using the Beacon Leadership membership to stay current of new books, classic books, ground breaking technology and tried-and-true technology that will help you in handling your daily leadership challenges.


BE PROACTIVE: Using the Beacon Leadership membership to share proactive ideas about leadership, including ways to engage individuals on your team to be in alignment with the vision and mission of the organization, ways to ensure that tasks assignments engage individuals to aligned to achieve customer satisfaction.


KEEP CENTERED: Using the Beacon Leadership membership to support you in (1) recognizing and remembering your inner qualities, (2) viewing your team's positive potential to excel, and (3) learning from your history to continually be a better leader.


REMAIN FOCUSED: Using the Beacon Leadership membership as a support in "staying the course" you choose to set as a leader, while maintaining your self-awareness and integrity.


BE OF SERVICE: Using the Beacon Leadership membership to support you in being of unconditionally service to areas you believe need a helping hand, like community projects, charities, non-profits, schools, or fellow teammates.

  Beacon Leadership Society

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Please fill out the application form to be considered for Beacon membership.


  The Beacon Leadership Society is committed to its members, and the application below will only be reviewed by its selected members on the approval committee. Please note in the Terms of Service, the user certifies that he or she is at least 18 years of age. You must be at least 18 years old to become a member. We do take exceptions if you are involved in our youth leadership program. Please contact the Beacon Leadership Society via Catalyst Technologies for details about our program or for special registration considerations. Beacon Leadership Society was founded by and financially supported by Catalyst Technologies.

No data provided by any members or applicants is sold or shared in any way with third parties or affiliates. All your data is kept strictly confidential and is used solely to support members needs and interests associated with the goals of being current, proactive, centered, focused and of service, as described above.

The are three levels of membership, and all levels gain discounts and value with being in the network. When you join, you automatically become a Level 1 member. After a month grace period, only then are given the option to become a Level 2 or 3 member within the Society. Becoming a Level 2 or 3 member is not required to enjoy discounts and complimentary services offered to all Beacon members. And the Beacon Leadership Society is always available to support all membership levels.


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