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Employee Superheroes

SOUL helps make employee superheroes "in a single-bound." An employee superhero consistently overcomes challenges and succeeds. Learn more...


Leadership Success

Leadership success requires you to: (1) maturely deal with issues, (2) get your team behind you and (3) continually learn to do better. Learn more...


Beyond All Others

Our u2 Leadership Software provides significantly more management value as compared to other technologies, or we'll give your charity $5,000 dollars.



Provide offsite tools to hone your leadership skills!


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Good leadership takes advantage of people's uniqueness to provide a competitive edge:


Opritmize a Project Plan in One Day

How to optimize your project plan in a single day.

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SOUL Problem Solving Approach

How to get better quality work from your employees.

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SOUL Problem Solving Approach

How to get team solutions supporting your needs.

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Catalyst Technologies, over two decades, has been on the forefront of understanding the core principles of people focused leadership. We recognize that people are the vital elements of a company and use of positive leadership techniques are a necessity for long tern organizational health and business success. We developed ways for leaders and workforce to rehearse, learn and grow together before money and time is consumed. We recommend using these tools at off-sites and various functions to gain greater applied knowledge into the art and science of leadership.


Multi-Dimensional Planning Tool


Story Board the Future and Make it Come Out YOUR way!


 Multi-Dimensional Planning Tool  

Physically Rehearse/Act-Out Excellence at work. Why are you or your team expected to get it right the first time without rehearsing?


Acting out the risks and challenges, the communication and initiative:

This is putting together a physical project plan and then rehearsing it with your team. Everyone needs to know what to do, when to do it and how to hand it off. This ensures everyone is not only on the same page, but reading the same sentence.

Review the LPD17 (Advanced Amphibious Ship Design) IT Government Group rehearse their plan using this innovative approach in our slideshow gallery. (On the gallery webpage, Select LPD17 IT Planning on the left panel entitled "Photo Controls")

This is a valuable OFFSITE experience to rehearse excellence before demonstrating it counts!


If you need to meet a critical goal. If you have to do it right the first time, on time and within budget. Rehearsing the future, including communication responsibilities, accountability assignments, problem solving scenarios and implementation strategies based on a changing future, become vital to making the future unfold in your favor. Find flaws in your strategy and discover creative ways to achieve your critical goals with greater reliability and staff support.


This is a technology that models your teams implementation plan or process using a multi-dimensional or 3-D view. Your team will see it, feel it and touch it. It makes the future as real as it can get. It can be used to strategize the effects of a change in business direction, or simply model a proposed new project implementation approach. It can simulate the effects of decisions on efficiency, productivity, quality or even business culture. It is designed as an analysis tool as well as a rapid prototype modeling/simulation tool.


This technology can be used to view the business battleground, strategize best offense or defense, and optimize deployment of resources. We know that sounds militaristic, but business can be war. Before inputting data into “u2,” in some cases based on the critical nature of the project or process, we recommend modeling the tasks or activities using our multi-dimensional tool.


Give us a call at (310) 476-6899 or email us to get more details.


Milestone: The Board Game


Provide a laboratory to give your team the experience of working together to meet budget and schedule.


 Milestone: The Board Game  

Have you ever played a board game that helped you learn about buying real estate and making money? You know the game?


Well, that game was the inspiration for this game - to learn project management and have some fun doing it.


Meeting Budget and Schedule in a Random Work Environment:

If you can do it within the game, your team can do it under any conditions. How to win, it's all about attitude, attitude and attitude - and the physical experience is remembered for a lifetime.

This is a valuable OFFSITE experience for teams to learn how to meet budget and schedule in a totally random environment!


Can it get any worst in real life? Play and find out!


"Milestone: The Board Game" is a board game designed to simulate the estimation, task execution, and tracking environments associated with meeting a project's budget and schedule. The game is played with 20 to 25 team members. The players get in groups of four to five. Each group plays against the other groups in achieving a Milestone within budget and schedule. The object of the game is to complete all the group tasks within the original time and budget estimations. Each group begins by bidding on the same project in terms of time and money.


The game is normally played within a 4 to 5 hour period. This board game has been played by technical, operational and management groups over the last seven years. All groups have demonstrated "noisy" enthusiasm while playing the game. The team debriefing normally takes one to two hours. Some group results are quite surprising to the team. Teams experience how communication and attitude are key ingredients to project success.


Overall, most teams consider that having a project laboratory to observe their own group dynamics while attempting to meet budget and schedule was the greatest value of the game. All individuals who played the game got to experience some tangible evidence associated with the value of teamwork, sacrifice and having the "right" attitude. With this type of team building program, the project manager can use his or her team as a more dependable resource in meeting budget and schedule.


Give us a call at (310) 476-6899 or email us to get more details.