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Employee Superheroes

SOUL helps make employee superheroes "in a single-bound." An employee superhero consistently overcomes challenges and succeeds. Learn more...


Leadership Success

Leadership success requires you to: (1) maturely deal with issues, (2) get your team behind you and (3) continually learn to do better. Learn more...


Beyond All Others

Our u2 Leadership Software provides significantly more management value as compared to other technologies, or we'll give your charity $5,000 dollars.



The u2 Leadership Experience - 21st Century Proactive, Integrated Management System



Our u2 Leadership Technology is a world class proactive, integrated management system focusing on achieving a successful outcome using "smart" templates. Based on 30 years of use and field refinements in applying the 6-3-5 Method within Program/Project management environments. This technology stands without equal in giving a manager clarity and ability to (1) control costs, (2) increase accountability, (3) achieve goals, and (4) improve customer focus.


Topic Headings:
Solutions & Best Practices
the Technology Difference
the Leadership Difference
Where Other Tools Fail
Heuristics/AI Archetype
Releasing Excellence
Employees Like Robots
Managers when Limited
Easier and Better
Integrate and Focus
Common Misconceptions
Highlights of Features
    Managing the certainty in meeting customer and business expectations starts with focusing on team READINESS to be budget-minded, accountable, engaged and customer-focused.


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In addition to the heading links above, here is the list of PDFs and YouTube links available on this page:
 Brochure on u2 Leadership (PDF) Summary Video of u2 Leadership (YouTube - 2 minutes) Detailed Video of u2 Leadership (YouTube - 8.5 minutes)
  Avoid a Victimized Budget (PDF) Project Management Comparison Chart (PDF) Solution Offering Unique Learning (SOUL) Overview (PDF)

Solutions and Business Best Practice Applications using u2 Leadership

Solutions available (links to other web pages):
Unleash Profit Potential Know Business's Avg Performance Range Make Commitments Easier to Manage
Manage Ops More Effectively Measure Your Chances of Success When Less Needs to Create More
Reliably Maintain Profit Margins Reduce Project/Ops Admin Burden Reliably Reach Financial Targets
Workshops to Uniquely Succeed
Business Best Practice Applications available (links to other web pages):

Would you like to see a demonstration of u2 Leadership and allow it to impress you? Give us a call at (310) 476-6899 or email us for demonstration details.


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Understanding the Technology Difference

Our proven methodology was first applied successfully to correct a failing, multi-billion dollar, US National Security program over 20 years ago. Since then, it has been continually refined to support the practical needs of project and operations management. When other technologies have failed, our people-centric approach has led in the ability to recover “mission impossible” situations associated with large, complex government and commercial programs. It’s now an easy, intuitive Microsoft Project and Excel add-in, improving execution reliability by 40 to 70%. It stands without equal as described in our comparison chart (PDF). Our technology can be applied to any size team, from small to large, involved with either simple or complex tasking. The list below provide discussions of some of u2 Leadership's more popular features. Select the topic of interest:



Would you like to see a demonstration of u2 Leadership and allow it to impress you? Give us a call at (310) 476-6899 or email us for demonstration details.


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Understanding the Leadership Difference


  Why do we claim u2 Leadership is a 21st century management solution and not others? Other technologies have you focus on managing failures to meet expectations. Our people-centric system approach supports you in managing the workforce in meeting expectations and creating excellence. If you want more success, focus on it!


For example, other management technologies track whether your employees are on-time and on-budget, i.e., whether the team(s) failed or succeeded. Our people-centric approach certainly tracks that, but it first uses metric precision to ensure that your team has optimized their experience, skills and motivation of your team(s) to be on-time, on-budget AND within specification. This ensures their success and yours. Our integrated systems then uses tracking data to support teams in increasing their abilities using refined leadership heuristics developed over a 30 year period. These heuristics offer you and your team "intelligent" course corrections, when needed. The goal of our technology is to ensure your team(s) potential for greater and greater success is continually achieved.


By focusing on u2 Leadership's unique people-centric management system and people-focused metric technology, results beyond expectations are measurably achieved:

  • Budgets expenditures have greater visibility and proactive control to ensure the ROI expected
  • Individual and team accountability naturally and enthusiastically rise
  • Team's ability to reliably attain even the most challenging goals becomes culture
  • Teams becomes more aligned to needs and sensitive to their customer's perspective of excellence

Our customers' results speak to our commitment to your success and the value available to you when using our people-centric management system technology!


If you focus on the process of optimizing excellence, you create excellent results, and you can also more easily manage change. Stop using other management tools that force you to focus on failure as a way to succeed - welcome to the 21st century and the u2 Leadership experience.



Would you like to see a demonstration of u2 Leadership and allow it to impress you? Give us a call at (310) 476-6899 or email us for demonstration details.


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Fills Vital Management Needs Where Other Tools and Methods Fail


  Although, this is a simple off-the-shelf solution, using only templates, macros and metrics, it adds very powerful management capabilities that are currently lacking in other business methodologies and tools. This 21st century technology enhances existing leadership and decision-making skills to more effectively and easily manage teams to overcome performance issues. Team success dramatically and consistently increases.

This automation support applies to both project and operations environments to promote the successful management of people, budget, process and customer satisfaction within:
  • Planning (with customer alignment and workforce engagement)
  • Tracking (with translation of people metrics to finance)
  • Analysis (with instant access to industry Best Practices)
  • Problem solving (based on Peer-to-Peer Leadership techniques)
With 30 years of refinement within some very challenging customer environments, Catalyst Technologies offers you a turn-key solution using proven and familiar interfaces for quick and easy implementation.
u2 Leadership
u2 Overview Brochure



Would you like to see a demonstration of u2 Leadership and allow it to impress you? Give us a call at (310) 476-6899 or email us for demonstration details.


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 Heuristics/Artificial Intelligence Archetype in Management Tools and Methods


An archetype for the next generation of management solutions, u2 Leadership intelligently applies over 900 business principles based on the top leadership minds in the world to support your planning, tracking, analysis and problem solving.

It incorporates basic artificial intelligence heuristics to support management during the implementation life cycle to continually optimize workforce performance and ensure customer satisfaction. It uses "intelligent" components as a competitive necessity to integrate:

  • People
  • Budget (Avoid Budget Victimization PDF)
  • Process
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Industry Best Practices for Business Tasking, Analysis and Reports
u2 Leadership is an evolutionary technology that uses a simple click of a button to tell you if your project, initiative or set of actions will succeed and if not, how to permanently fix it!

u2 Leadership Software ensures that your assigned tasks are all precisely aligned to your customer's needs and that your workforce is proactively engaged, before you spend time and money. 

This engagement begins before implementation and continues through the life cycle of the project, initiative or day-to-day operation to continually optimize productivity, efficiency and quality.



Would you like to see a demonstration of u2 Leadership and allow it to impress you? Give us a call at (310) 476-6899 or email us for demonstration details.


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Releasing Excellence Using Employee's Uniqueness


  Everyone is unique and offers unique value to an organization. u2 Leadership is built on this basic understanding of people. u2 Leadership helps a manager identify how to:
  1. Align their workforce to business goals and customer expectations - ensuring the workforce alignment:
    • Utilizes each employee's strengths
    • Maintains a high degree of motivation to overcome and succeed
  2. Integrate everyone's uniqueness in order to increase:
    • Individual and Team Accountability
    • Group Communication
    • Just-in-Time Innovative Problem Solving (see SOUL Methodology)
    • Individual and Team Empowerment
  3. Use employee uniqueness as the foundation of continuous business improvement:
    • Allowing employee performance to continually grow
    • Increasing the enthusiasm of employees to better support management
    • Improving cost control and ability to produce reliable results
    • Ensuring any customer perspective gaps is understood and closed
Catalyst Technologies (CT) developed u2 Leadership Software based on an evolutionary core technology called Solutions Offering Unique Learning (SOULTM Link or Overview PDF). SOUL provides u2 Leadership with capability and motivation metrics combined with Peer-to-Peer leadership techniques.

u2 Leadership helps leaders precisely direct each employee and to have an aligned, cohesive and constantly improving overall business operations. It provides managers with practical leadership knowledge that is useful – useful knowledge causes learning on all horizontal and vertical levels within the organization.
  Uniqueness of People



Would you like to see a demonstration of u2 Leadership and allow it to impress you? Give us a call at (310) 476-6899 or email us for demonstration details.


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Is your current management technology treating employees like robots?


People are not robots Your current project and operations management technology forces you to view employees as statically growing, homogeneous resources - simple robots with functions. They are names on a list, without their related human attributes, assigned an hourly rate while working on tasks.

Consider the technology you currently use force you to view people this way, giving you NO knowledge or approach to learn of the uniqueness of each individual, or how to integrate each individual's uniqueness into a cohesive team that allows for:
  • Individual and Team Accountability
  • Group Communication
  • Just-in-Time Innovative Problem Solving (see SOUL Methodology)
  • Individual and Team Empowerment
These people-devalued technologies give you NO way to learn how to ensure that employees maintain and improve their alignment to business needs and team cohesiveness while performing their tasks. In-other-words, People-devalued technologies attempt to keep you uninformed of the key facts that cause your company to succeed: employee excellence.

u2 Leadership is based on SOUL (Solutions Offering Unique Learning). SOUL components provide precision capability and motivation metrics, along with Peer-to-Peer Leadership techniques, that allows you to precisely know how to best utilize an employee’s unique experience, skills and motivation to reliably satisfy customers and increase business profitability.

Ensure that your technology helps you treat employees like human beings, instead of robots. When the pressure is on, it's your people that need to come through for  you with brilliance, not programmed, processed robots.



Would you like to see a demonstration of u2 Leadership and allow it to impress you? Give us a call at (310) 476-6899 or email us for demonstration details.


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Tough Times for Managers When Limited By Support


  Today's productivity pressures and other demands on managers pull them away from being able to utilize a team’s uniqueness so that they only have time for a more homogeneous view of their staff. "Do more with less" is causing leaders to view team members as lists on a resource sheet and industry trends are contributing to this problem of epidemic proportions. u2 Leadership is the remedy!

Refined over three decades when working with organizations like the Department of Defense, Toyota, Hughes, Dow and Aerospace Corporation, u2 Leadership provides managers with push button simplicity in integrating their entire organization with the common element, employees providing excellence.

Want more support? u2 Leadership lets you take management support to the next level of reliability. The technology ensures you gain the reliable support you need by ensuring your team knows how to support each other in being:

  1. set up to succeed in meeting business and customer expectations,
  2. Able to handle the majority of unexpected issues without impact to budget/quality, and
  3. Able to support each other as competent peer leaders when times get challenging

If a team can self-direct themselves to ensure they are set up to succeed, it means you get more support. If a team can handle the unexpected on their own, it means you get more support. If a team can lead themselves in challenging times, it means you get more support. It's a basic 1, 2 and 3 approach.

  Tough without SOUL



Would you like to see a demonstration of u2 Leadership and allow it to impress you? Give us a call at (310) 476-6899 or email us for demonstration details.


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The Next Generation Management Solution - Making Managing Easier and with Better Results


Are you sitting down? With all this ability, u2 Leadership consists of templates, macros and metrics that install into MS Project and MS Excel. We don't ask you to learn something new, we just give you more with what you have.


If you're not yet convinced that u2 Leadership is above and beyond all other management technologies, here are some key capabilities to compare with your existing project management or operations management "dinosaurs":

  • Quantitatively translate experience, skills and motivation of workforce to predict financial growth, sales and profit
  • Identify highest risk areas and mitigation strategies to improve Average Performance Range and Index (APRI) for new initiatives and projects
  • Practical lessons learned are generated by past performance and workforce experience gathered in real time using non-intrusive, heuristic sampling
  • Use a variety of industry standard analysis techniques to make informed decisions (e.g., Balanced Scorecards, Earned Value, Predictive Metrics)
    • Open a desktop office software file to access and use
    • Scalable to any size group within your organization
    • Customizable based on a manager’s needs
  • Determine and improve degree of engagement of the workforce based on alignment of worker activity resulting in attainment of customer goals
  • Create quality leadership time with your teams to effectively manage them, help them handle their assignments when needed, and deal with any unexpected work issues
  • Quickly resolve conflicts between individuals and groups while maintaining accountability
  • Cause natural optimization of task assignments based on strengths and professional goals
  • Maintain constructive peer leadership when the unexpected happens during implementation – for example, scope changes or budget reductions

For Project Management Specific Interest: Would you like to review a comparison chart between u2 Leadership Software (templates, macros and metrics for MS Project and Excel) and other leading project management programs? (Open Document)



Would you like to see a demonstration of u2 Leadership and allow it to impress you? Give us a call at (310) 476-6899 or email us for demonstration details.


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Best Practice combined with Intelligent Management Support to Integrate and Focus An Organization



Making your life easier with intelligent automation that distributes, collects and analyzes metrics associated with leading best practices.


Using state-of-the-art techniques and unequaled in user support and enterprise ease, u2 Leadership software uses “intelligence” algorithms, including “Average Performance Range and Index” (APRI) analysis, that adapts to the needs of workforce in supporting the needs of your customer. It provides critical, timely, common sense solutions to the most complex implementation and customer focused issues. 


u2 Leadership Technology provides push button simplicity with:



u2 Leadership add-on approach makes it simpler, more valuable and very affordable.  It helps brings managers to the next level.  Best of all, it puts common sense into a management system.

  u2 Leadership Software



Would you like to see a demonstration of u2 Leadership and allow it to impress you? Give us a call at (310) 476-6899 or email us for demonstration details.


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Four Common Misconceptions about your Workforce and Technology


  u2 Leadership  

Our simple add-in technology works with Microsoft Project, Excel and SharePoint and cuts through common misconceptions about tracking time spent, money consumed and processes followed. It supports you in managing people as the key assets in achieving business success.


Is your current software providing you with detailed information about the value your people offer or does it only focus on the amount of money they're spending? It's your people's initiative, dedication and drive that create your business results. Converting your current project software into a technology that supports these three elements gives you essential knowledge to nail deadlines with greater ease and efficiency.


Nailing deadlines requires your ability to cut through misconceptions about your workforce's ability to do good work



Misconception #1: “Tracking time and money gives you visibility and control.”



Action versus reaction. Tracking time and money causes you to react, sometimes overreact!


If you want increased visibility and control, measure and manage how well your employees are set up to succeed in meeting expectations.


Tracking time and money tells you if people were able to, in the past, do good work, be good followers and be adequately rewarded. It’s like saying: “When the Titanic hit the iceberg, that's when the Captain was really in control. It’s certainly important to know when you’ve hit the icebergs, but isn’t it more important to know how to miss them, even the little ones?


Our proactive, u2 Leadership software provides the missing information that tells you how to avoid potential time, money and process issues, especially when working with changing requirements or new opportunities. And when issues cannot be avoided, our software provides you with reliable solutions to optimize your workforce according to the three measurements discussed above. That’s the visibility and control you really need.


Misconception #2: “Process makes a difference.”



It’s people following or determining the process that make a difference. Consider that a process establishes a level of quality or efficiency when followed by implementers. But how do you calibrate the process in terms of the people following it?


For example, are the processes you’re using optimized to fully utilize the experience and strengths of your people to maximize their productivity? How are you currently calibrating this optimization factor? Do your processes take full advantage of the implementer’s drive to do good work? Is this also calibrated? Utilizing strengths and maintaining drive become the real building blocks in getting people to do good work.


Our u2 Leadership  software not only provides you with automatic access to this calibration information, it increases your control in maintaining these building blocks to reliably meet deadlines with greater ease.


Misconception #3: “People don’t want to change.”



It’s not change people resist, but the fear of negative effects that can be caused by that change. Hand out a wanted raise or promotion and see how fast change is accepted. The first step to making change easily within an organization is to know what inspires people.


The only thing certain in the business world is that change will happen and as a manager, you will need to get your team to adapt. Using our software gives you key information about your team’s potential reaction to a specific organizational change and what they will need to feel more secure.


With this information, our u2 Leadership technology facilitates a simple communication technique with your group, providing you the knowledge to lead the team’s transition with greater ease and support.


Misconception #4: “People don’t like to report progress.”



People like to report their good work. But, they are concerned about how their progress, especially when behind, is interpreted. This concern causes an unwanted perception: Tracking time and money indicates how management separates good work from bad. If this perception is not changed, this ongoing dynamic limits team excellence. But, time and money need to be tracked consistently.


So what do you do? Our software translates time and money metrics into learning and growth measurements with objectivity and accuracy. Have the team replace "good" and "bad" with a measurable, positive learning and growth perspective. Then, even missed expectations will naturally translate into constructive learning, having team members grow from the experience, and skipping the potential for individual defensiveness/finger pointing. If you translate your tracking approach into  a perception of learning and growth, your team will find significant, positive value in reporting their progress, independent of the circumstance. People like to report progress when it helps them succeed!


When using u2 Leadership, these learning and growth measurements are then translated into methods to improve the self-esteem, confidence and worth of the individual doing the tracking. This approach provides people with the incentive to track and report their progress in order to:

  1. Be adequately acknowledged or
  2. Improve their quality of life.

Either reason establishes a measurable win-win system for all involved. When your team measurably benefits by providing you with reliable, timely data (good or bad), your ability to control an outcome dramatically improves.



Would you like to see a demonstration of u2 Leadership and allow it to impress you? Give us a call at (310) 476-6899 or email us for demonstration details.


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Popular Highlights of u2 Leadership Features - Let Us Introduce You to 21st Century Integration...



Budget Feature Highlights:

u2 Leadership provides the ability to easily enter and analyze FTE Work hours and duration in days. It gives you push button ability to distribute a budget and balance it automatically. Because of its people-centric design, it gets your employees to be accountable for staying within the budget constraints defined. Overall, u2 Leadership makes managing and controlling a budget much easier and more straight-forward.


Business Technology Feature Highlights:

u2 Leadership offers one-click Balanced Scorecards, Predictive Metrics and Theory of Constraints analysis and reports of the project or operational plan at any level or group described within the file or compilation of plans/files. Again, this is push button automation at its best. These analyses and reports complement existing data collection schemes or provide comprehensive standalone support. Fast and easy, without added effort to your project or operations file.


Distribution and Data Collection Feature Highlights:

Because of the people-centric approach used, u2 Leadership makes sure your people are involved without hassles or time delays. Because of the features it offers, it makes team involvement simple and speeds up the planning and estimation process, while making it more accurate. When it comes to tracking, most tracking systems are good at tracking progress, but don’t provide “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM) value for the trackers. Other tracking systems have difficulty representing percent over budget or schedule in terms of learning data. u2 Leadership provides the additional ability to track learning and provide personal WIIFM value for the trackers. When tracking data, it allows the user to customize their approach, and includes the tracking of FTE Work hours. u2 Leadership also provides the ability to track interface specific progress between teams, all with automated guidance. Tracking data in u2 is focused on supporting the individual, team, business and customer with specific heuristics that translate to suggested next steps regarding one or all involved.


Learning and Growth Feature Highlights:

Our u2 Leadership approach provides an integrated database for learning using both positive and negative feedback. u2 automatically populates a Lessons Learned Journal that is linked to u2’s “Grow” features, broken down by what worked and what didn’t work. u2’s Lessons Learned Journal has four categories of learning entries: Customer, Business, Team and Individual. Additionally, u2 creates a customized on-the-job training system focused on aligning the capability and motivation of teams to meet business goals. It provides key people-analytic metrics and heuristics to support teams in being better peer leaders of each other and gaining more motivational satisfaction from doing their jobs. These features are optional, but employees appreciate and value these opportunities and forms of support.


Modeling Operations and Data Manipulation Feature Highlights

Our u2 Leadership technology offers a large selection of automated planning and modeling features. It makes modeling complex projects simpler and simpler plans a snap, dramatically reducing the time and effort it takes to model and estimate in either case.  u2 Leadership uses the capabilities of MS Project to model predecessor and successor complexity. It uses MS Project’s Gantt and PERT industry standards as the base for data entry and review, but with an automated twist. It offers a large selection of rapid prototyping features to support automated Gantt modeling that includes the use of standard and custom templates. u2 adds an automated ability to generate an interface task specification between teams of different groups. It helps you build the interface that allows for tracking predecessor and successor dependencies, no matter how simple or complex.


Resource Planning, Pooling and Analysis Feature Highlights:

With other technologies, resource planning, pooling and analysis are laborious efforts. You are constantly forced to make adjustments as tasks shift, grow and move. That ends! Our u2 Leadership's evolutionary approach automates this process - no more time wasted on these administrative details - even in extreme situations. Our technology allows you to do resource planning, pooling, loading and leveling using a wide range of powerful capabilities, giving you complete control and easy management of the process. We offer easy data entry formats that make defining resource availability and FTE hourly consumption a snap. Once data is entered, our technology can find the best resource match from a related pool based on specific skills, specialties and needs. Our gap analysis approach ensures resources are accurately loaded and leveled throughout a plan or schedule. If gaps are discovered, our technology will automatically detect and provide optimal solutions from the resource pool. Our u2 Leadership tool does the work for you, while ensuring that you have a clear, graphic presentation that accurately describes the resource loading and leveling being applied, with any time granularity needed. Our approach makes resource planning, pooling, loading and leveling of any number of resources over any period of time, simpler, faster and more accurate - with push button ease.


Productivity and Efficiency Feature Highlights:

Our u2 Leadership technology provides a system called Average Performance Range and Index (APRI) that supports productivity and efficiency improvements with the motivational support of the team. APRI has statistical analysis to ensure performance will have a confidence of success in meeting deadlines and cost projections. Our approach uses heuristics to ensure that the team is ready to take the next productivity step and that they can be successful. It teaches teams how to improve productivity and efficiency by being accountable, creative, communicative and empowered through team synergy.


Our u2 Leadership software stands without equal. View our comparison chart (PDF) for more details.

  u2 Leadership Screen Shot
  u2 Leadership Screen Shot
  u2 Leadership Screen Shot



Would you like to see a demonstration of u2 Leadership and allow it to impress you? Give us a call at (310) 476-6899 or email us for demonstration details.


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