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A free series about evolutionary leadership principles!


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Good leadership takes advantage of people's uniqueness to provide a competitive edge:


Opritmize a Project Plan in One Day

How to optimize your project plan in a single day.

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SOUL Problem Solving Approach

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We are offering a leadership series of 2-hour seminars this year to discuss some evolutions in business management. These evolutions, in part, are based upon research and field work the Catalyst Technologies’ team has generated over the last several years.


The series purpose is to discuss proven approaches to increasing profit, growth and opportunity based on solid leadership principles.


Every so often, we also produce "how to" articles on leadership. The current article being showcased is ...


How to Optimize a Project Plan in One Day (A Leadership Perspective)


The leadership seminars are normally held at night from 6 to 8 PM, hosted at various company partners. Refreshments will be provided. These seminars are free of charge and being done as a service to the various communities. There are three seminars scheduled for this calendar year:

Seating will be limited, please contact us to reserve your seat. Make plans to attend and gain the knowledge that, in today's demanding project environments, is vital to know.


May - Earned Value Balanced Scorecards


Using Earned Value is a must for government contractors and those businesses wanting to “do more with less.” Balanced Scorecards are the fundamental management tool for managing any diverse group of people. Integrating these two powerful business methodologies and metrics constitutes the state-of-the-art technology for today’s management challenges.


Beyond the requirement, Earned Value Balanced Scorecards are essential to running larger size projects. No consultant would recommend you based your decisions solely on time and money. Yet, current project management technology specially provides these limitations. Earned Value Balances Scorecards takes managing projects to the next level of being more informed, making more balanced decisions and having more visibility into issues.




Merging both business technologies could be challenging and time consuming. We would like to show you how to do it within an hour, without added work or resistance from your team. Within our seminar, we will show how how to use Earned Value Balanced Scorecards to increase your team’s reliability in completing tasks on-time and within-budget, while maintaining your organization’s quality standards. The reliability that is increased could be up to 80%. That means the ability to nail deadlines, even and especially in the most challenging circumstances. Join us to learn how a team’s process knowledge and drive can be quantified and used within your Earned Value Balanced Scorecard (EVBSC) to make significant increases in productivity and quality.


This is a 2-hour, complimentary seminar from 6 to 8 PM in the West Los Angeles area for those interested in learning more about how to create and use EVBSC reports.


Attend our 2-hour, complimentary seminar and find out how to combine these two powerful business paradigms and use the essential information to more easily reap the rewards of increased success within your organization.


July - Meeting Deadlines using Quality of Life Principles


You can more consistently meet deadlines by creating a better quality of life in the workplace. There is a basic relationship between quality of life and meeting deadlines. When you take advantage of this relationship, life at work becomes more fulfilling as business goals are reliably achieved.


Here are some questions that will be answered during this 2 hour seminar held in the West Lost Angeles area from 6 to 8 PM.

  • How does quality of life at work relate to organizational excellence?
  • Can a leader communicate quality of life to the employees and talk about productivity improvement at the same time?
  • What single measurement can objectively identify both work place quality of life issues and productivity improvements opportunities?
  • Is quality of life related to motivation and how can it be used as a leadership asset?
  • Come discover these answers for yourself during an hour of humor, anecdotes and lessons learned. We will plainly talk about practical experiences and our field experience in using quality of life principles to achieve business goals “faster, better, cheaper” with greater ease and benefit to all.


    November - How to Use Knowledge Validating Metrics


    Knowledge Management (KM) systems just got more essential! This 2-hour seminar is based on the presentation given at the SALT Conference.


    There are many methodologies and technologies that focus on collecting knowledge. Yet, is it only knowledge that an organization is really collecting? How much bias that this knowledge contains and is it knowledge that is needed? What is the quantitative value of this knowledge to your customer, business and workforce? How efficiently and effectively can this knowledge be communicated?


    These are the key questions that are answered based on a series of demonstrations performed within the government and private sector. Validation of knowledge is recognizing needs within the four tier environments in which tasks and activities are accomplished. This KM 2-hour discussion describes a proven validation process and associated metrics to answer the questions described above.  Come join us for a rousing and revealing fact finding event!


    About our speaker for this leadership series:


    Join our guest speaker, Bruce Nagy - the founder of Catalyst Technologies, for these three special leadership series events. Bruce Nagy has been leading the way in making significant advances in business technology, methodology, automation and applied metrics over the last 20 years.  This year, he will be providing lessons learned examples and hands-on field experience when discussing the value of using earned value focused balanced scorecards, quality of life principles when leading teams, and a simple metric validation approach to support KM systems in an information overload world.


    Creator of a variety of people focused leadership” business software and applied technologies, Bruce is a noted project and operations management consultant. He is a champion of using common sense and automation to meet commitments using straight forward leadership principles. He has received four degrees, one in mathematics, one in biology and two in electrical engineering.