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Employee Superheroes

SOUL helps make employee superheroes "in a single-bound." An employee superhero consistently overcomes challenges and succeeds. Learn more...


Leadership Success

Leadership success requires you to: (1) maturely deal with issues, (2) get your team behind you and (3) continually learn to do better. Learn more...


Beyond All Others

Our u2 Leadership Software provides significantly more management value as compared to other technologies, or we'll give your charity $5,000 dollars.



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Good leadership takes advantage of people's uniqueness to provide a competitive edge:


Opritmize a Project Plan in One Day

How to optimize your project plan in a single day.

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SOUL Problem Solving Approach

How to get better quality work from your employees.

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SOUL Problem Solving Approach

How to get team solutions supporting your needs.

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CALL for a free case study report or free assessment using the 6-3-5 Method's architectural framework. The free assessment helps you identify "best" use of data and talent to achieve your next steps with greater wisdom and efficiency. Call (310) 476-6899 or email us -- it's a straightforward assessment process and results are guaranteed!


Make Workforce Commitments Easier to Manage


You can't ask for commitment unless you have established accountability. The 6-3-5 Method helps you determine if whether your organization is promoting accountability. It is difficult to achieve workforce accountability unless they view accountability as valuable.


People won't view commitment as valuable unless they have a "first hand" experience is valuable to them at a personal level. The 6-3-5 Method assesses whether commitment is realistic based on the value accountability offers people at a personal level. Without having accountability as an employee foundation, your organization may be constantly "pushing a wet noodle up a slippery hill" when asking employees to be committed.


In order for a workforce to meet their commitments, they need to:

  1. Be set up to succeed,
  2. Handle the unforeseen and
  3. Support each other as peers when the going gets tough. That means they need to be accountable to the same three conditions.

If your next step would benefit from a better cost control foundation...


If you determine that you want more capability in this area, we offer an approach to ensure your organization meets the three conditions described above. Our approach supports your employees to gain "first hand" experience with how being accountable provides value to them at a personal level.


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u2 Leadership Software  

How about some automation to make the job easier in the form of Desktop Office Templates? When you want to make workforce commitments easier to manage, two products make that happen:

Single Motivation Metric


Want proof that our solutions are the "best-in-class" in meeting your specific business needs? Let us do a free assessment using the 6-3-5 Method as a reference point. The assessment is designed to reveal ah-ha's about using your performance data and workforce talent more effectively. When filling out our request form, please select "Make Commitments Easier to Manage."



SOUL Overview
SOUL Overview

Our Differentiator is SOUL - the Employee Superhero Approach


In order for a workforce for meet their commitments, they need to:

  1. Be set up to succeed,
  2. Handle the unforeseen and
  3. Support each other as peers when the going gets tough.

Every one of the three elements described above, within our approach, offers employees "first hand" experience of how being accountable provides value to them as a personal level. Without this SOUL based secret sauce, your constantly "pushing a wet noodle up a slippery hill." Investigate our approach.


As a leader, providing them with the tools and methodology to be accountable through success simply makes your life easer. SOUL based tools and methodology provides you with precisely this capability.


  SOUL consists of measurement and problem solving techniques that are used by teams to naturally achieve desired business goals - turning your teams into employee superheroes.


Our approach offers a proven mechanism that allows teams to meet budget and schedule with greater ease, simplicity and reliability, within the defined quality constraints.


To find out more about how our approach can help your workforce meet the toughest  commitments, without you having to work harder, please call one of our customer representatives at (310) 476-6899.


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More Time Leading - Less Time Administering


Have pinpoint accuracy in identifying actual core problems that are realistically hindering performance. And with the same level of accuracy, find specific, objective solutions that fix, once and for all, a variety of budget, schedule and quality issues which plague your workforce's productivity and efficiency.


This mechanism was first used to resolve critical throughput issues for a multi-billion dollar US National Security program over 20 years ago. After an extremely noteworthy success, it was thrust into a series of apparently unsolvable “mission impossible” situations and resolved everything from software, hardware, and integration issues associated with large, highly complex programs. That's why we refer to our technology as "proven."


Review our case studies - we pride ourselves on doing good work …

Learn about The Daily Companion

The Daily Companion helps you to: (1) maturely deal with issues, (2) get your team behind you, and (3) continually learn to do better. For more info...

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