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Employee Superheroes

SOUL helps make employee superheroes "in a single-bound." An employee superhero consistently overcomes challenges and succeeds. Learn more...


Leadership Success

Leadership success requires you to: (1) maturely deal with issues, (2) get your team behind you and (3) continually learn to do better. Learn more...


Beyond All Others

Our u2 Leadership Software provides significantly more management value as compared to other technologies, or we'll give your charity $5,000 dollars.



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Good leadership takes advantage of people's uniqueness to provide a competitive edge:


Opritmize a Project Plan in One Day

How to optimize your project plan in a single day.

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SOUL Problem Solving Approach

How to get better quality work from your employees.

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SOUL Problem Solving Approach

How to get team solutions supporting your needs.

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CALL for a free case study report or free assessment using the 6-3-5 Method's architectural framework. The free assessment helps you identify "best" use of data and talent to achieve your next steps with greater wisdom and efficiency. Call (310) 476-6899 or email us -- it's a straightforward assessment process and results are guaranteed!


Hands-on Workshops Using Employees' Uniqueness to Succeed


In today’s challenging business world, a manager needs the answers before an issue surfaces as a problem. Catalyst Technologies' (CT) workshops provide you with proven tips, insights and techniques that allow you to identify and resolve the causes of issues before they surface as time-consuming problems that you don’t need. And it's all based on putting SOUL into your organization's daily life. CT likes to role up their sleeves with you and focus on solutions (see picture gallery of working with past clients).


Knowing what will cause an issue is the first step toward preventing it. Having the know-how to discover the solutions before issues become problems is the next step. It is in the timeliness of taking these first two steps that you begin to experience increased control over achieving business results on your terms.


Workship Catalog  

Hands-on Workshops


CT's hands-on workshops provide you with proven techniques and approaches that ensure your steps into the future are more secure and rewarding for both you and those you lead.


Need to know which workshop is right for you and the ROI? Answer six questions and allow our computer analysis to give you those insights and tell you the type of ROI you can expect. When filling out our request form, please select "Workshops to Utilize Employee Uniqueness."


Precision Group Problem Solving

To provide workshop participants with a methodology to solve very challenging problems rapidly and with consensus, even with large groups. The workshop is hands-on, requiring participants to bring their day-to-day challenging problems. The more challenging problem presented the better as a practical demonstration of the precision group problem solving methodology being introduced. (Detailed Course Outline)
  Precision Group Problem Solving


Nailing Deadlines  

Nailing Deadlines by Making Dreams Come True

  • Course Overview: What motivates your team to meet an aggressive deadline? What leads them to stay up late or make personal sacrifices when needed? What drives them to do good work consistently, even in difficult situations? This workshop provides you with proven techniques to answer these questions and nail deadlines while making you and your team’s dreams come true. (Workshop Details)

  • Investment: ½ day


Rising above any Situation  

Rising above any Situation using Three Key Words

  • Course Overview: By using three key words, combined with a simple technique, you can become more effective in handling the most challenging issues, including scenarios involved with running an emotional meeting, talking to disgruntled employees, coping with seemingly impossible deadlines or dealing with unwanted change. (Workshop Details)

  • Investment: 1 ½ hours


Avoiding Costly Productivity Issues  

Avoiding Costly Productivity Issues by Counting to 10, Twice

  • Course Overview: By using simple techniques taught in this workshop, you can anticipate team productivity issues that would potentially cost you a month or more of work if not addressed. The techniques taught in the workshop take less time to use than if you counted to 10, twice. (Workshop Details)

  • Investment: 1 day



Freedom by Having Everyone Else Have the Answers

  • Course Overview: This workshop is designed for managers who want to invest their time and energies in new opportunities and let their teams competently and even sometimes brilliantly handle operational issues. (Workshop Details)

  • Investment: 2 days


Building Team Excellence  

Building Team Excellence using Precision Business Instruments

  • Course Overview: This workshop teaches how to use advanced features of u2 Leadership Software to provide you with pin-point knowledge of precisely how to increase your team’s productivity and get buy-in with a minimal amount of effort, hassles and time-investment on your part. It teaches you how to create project and operational plans in 1/20th the time, and do a variety of "best practice” business analysis and related reports within seconds by pushing a u2 button. (Workshop Details)

  • Investment: 2 days


Getting a Team to Believe  

Getting a Team to Believe in their own Magic

  • Course Overview: By using the technology and methodology described in this workshop, you and your team will be enlightened about the magic they possess to do the seemingly impossible, even in the worst business situations. (Workshop Details))

  • Investment: 2 ½ days