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Employee Superheroes

SOUL helps make employee superheroes "in a single-bound." An employee superhero consistently overcomes challenges and succeeds. Learn more...


Leadership Success

Leadership success requires you to: (1) maturely deal with issues, (2) get your team behind you and (3) continually learn to do better. Learn more...


Beyond All Others

Our u2 Leadership Software provides significantly more management value as compared to other technologies, or we'll give your charity $5,000 dollars.



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Good leadership takes advantage of people's uniqueness to provide a competitive edge:


Opritmize a Project Plan in One Day

How to optimize your project plan in a single day.

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SOUL Problem Solving Approach

How to get better quality work from your employees.

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SOUL Problem Solving Approach

How to get team solutions supporting your needs.

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CALL for a free case study report or free assessment using the 6-3-5 Method's architectural framework. The free assessment helps you identify "best" use of data and talent to achieve your next steps with greater wisdom and efficiency. Call (310) 476-6899 or email us -- it's a straightforward assessment process and results are guaranteed!


Reduce Project/Ops Admin Burden Using Intelligent Technology


Is your current administration tasking consuming too much of your time, so planning, tracking and analysis process is limited. Is your admin burden limiting your ability to support your team or hindering your time to really solve difficult cost, schedule and quality issues? Are you using automation that allows you to touch a button and get real time people-focused data correlations with business financial goals to make better leadership decisions?


Administrative burden has a direct effect on leadership time available. It's proven that more leadership time supports employees in meeting goals within cost and budget. The 6-3-5 Method helps you assess how effective your current approach is supporting leadership time. The assessment includes administrative duties involving the the development of plans, tracking performance and analyzing results.


If your next step would benefit from a better cost control foundation...


If you determine that you want more capability in this area, we offer an approach that applies over 900 business principles based on the top leadership minds in the world as applied to effective planning, tracking, analysis and problem solving. Our approach ensures your getting administrative support that makes a difference in terms of your contribution to the health, growth and success of both you, your team and your organization.


Customer Preferred


u2 Leadership Software  

When you want to reduce project/ops admin burden using intelligent technology, two products make that happen:

Single Motivation Metric


Want proof that our solutions are the "best-in-class" in meeting your specific business needs? Let us do a free assessment using the 6-3-5 Method as a reference point. The assessment is designed to reveal ah-ha's about using your performance data and workforce talent more effectively. When filling out our request form, please select "Reduce Your Project/Ops Admin Burden."



SOUL Overview
SOUL Overview

Our Differentiator is SOUL - the Employee Superhero Approach


We offer a variety of "smart" template upgrades to your existing project and operations software based on the SOUL architecture - helping to make more employee superheroes.


The "smart" template upgrades provide automation to support the leadership decision process including:

  • Planning (with customer alignment and workforce engagement)
  • Tracking (with translation of people metrics to finance)
  • Analysis (with instant access to industry Best Practices)
  • Problem solving (with SOUL's comprehensive 3-D precision).

Some of our upgrades provide a turn-key solution, unequaled in user support and enterprise ease, that does it all.


Our template packages consist of unique templates, macros and metrics that are simply added to your existing tools and methodology - dramatically reducing your admin burdens with automated, intelligent ease.


  SOUL consists of measurement and problem solving techniques that are used by teams to naturally achieve desired business goals - turning your teams into employee superheroes.


Catalyst Technologies spent 30 years discovering common threads and core variables. We have consistently honed our algorithms with every project and process success and failure. Working with various companies and organizations, large to small, and we have sometimes been tasked with achieving nearly impossible goals. Today, our “intelligent” plug-in solution surpasses all expectations. View our turn-key solution demo using proven and familiar interfaces for quick and easy implementation.


To Request More Information

Send me information that allows me to evaluate the practical value of this solution within my organization/team.

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Please contact me as soon as possible regarding the information requested. (Ensure your name and email address are filled in if you want us to respond.)

Choosing Common Sense over Status Quo


A Powerful Advantage


If you want your project team to stay within their allocated budget, implement within the defined schedule and consistently keep your customers satisfied with the quality of work produced, make sure your technology has the common sense intelligence to:

(1) Know what issues to fix before you spend added time and money,
(2) Provide timely knowledge to overcome unexpected issues, and
(3) Continually provide objective lessons learned from the team to share implementation wisdom - and untapped resource with unlimited potential for an organization.


Choose Smarter Not Harder


If your project management technology is not providing you with the above three abilities, then you and your workforce are most likely working harder and achieving less. The solution is simple; you need to have fewer surprises, and avoid the majority of the implementation issues that regularly hamper your daily operations. Our automated solution enhances your ability to be more effective. This summarizes our “intelligent” project management modules – making it easier to be more effective.


A Simple "Plug and Play" Upgrade


Why be stuck with project software technology that condemns your workforce to being reactive instead of proactive? Upgrade your software with “intelligent” modules that are “plug and play.” Our modules adapt to a stand alone or enterprise ready system, with equal ease. Why use a clumsy software technology when today’s challenges demand more? Upgrade today!


Review our case studies - we pride ourselves on doing good work …

Learn about The Daily Companion

The Daily Companion helps you to: (1) maturely deal with issues, (2) get your team behind you, and (3) continually learn to do better. For more info...

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