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Employee Superheroes

SOUL helps make employee superheroes "in a single-bound." An employee superhero consistently overcomes challenges and succeeds. Learn more...


Leadership Success

Leadership success requires you to: (1) maturely deal with issues, (2) get your team behind you and (3) continually learn to do better. Learn more...


Beyond All Others

Our u2 Leadership Software provides significantly more management value as compared to other technologies, or we'll give your charity $5,000 dollars.



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Good leadership takes advantage of people's uniqueness to provide a competitive edge:


Opritmize a Project Plan in One Day

How to optimize your project plan in a single day.

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SOUL Problem Solving Approach

How to get better quality work from your employees.

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SOUL Problem Solving Approach

How to get team solutions supporting your needs.

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CALL for a free case study report or free assessment using the 6-3-5 Method's architectural framework. The free assessment helps you identify "best" use of data and talent to achieve your next steps with greater wisdom and efficiency. Call (310) 476-6899 or email us -- it's a straightforward assessment process and results are guaranteed!


SOUL makes our Knowledge Management (KM) solution superior!


There are many methodologies and technologies that focus on collecting knowledge. Yet, is it only knowledge or noise that an organization is really collecting? How much bias does this knowledge contain, turning it into noise.


What essential knowledge is really needed? What is the quantitative value of this knowledge to your customer, the ROI for your business and  the WIIFM for your workforce? How efficiently and effectively can this knowledge be collected and disseminated?


These are the key questions that are answered based on a series of demonstrations performed within the government and private sector. Validation of knowledge is recognizing needs within the four tier environments in which tasks and activities are accomplished. Our KM technology based on SOUL provides the essential knowledge and validation process to ensure you are getting timely and accurate knowledge - not noise. That's another reason why we say our Knowledge Management solution is superior!!


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u2 Leadership Software  

When you want a superior Knowledge Management solution, two products make that happen:

Single Motivation Metric


Want proof that our Knowledge Management is the "best-in-class" in meeting your specific business needs? Let us do a free assessment using the 6-3-5 Method as a reference point. The assessment is designed to reveal ah-ha's about using your performance data and workforce talent more effectively. When filling out our request form use the "Other" category and enter "Knowledge Management."



SOUL Overview
SOUL Overview

Our Differentiator is SOUL - the Employee Superhero Approach

Other Knowledge Management tools neglect three important factors that validates one of the most important aspects of your organization's knowledge. With your current Knowledge Management approach, do you know if that knowledge ensures that:

(1) People are being set up to succeed,
(2) People are being able to handle the unexpected, and
(3) People are being able to support each other when faced with severe challenges.

Other Knowledge Management tools have either limited or no validation of applied ability based on these people variables. And these variables make or break an organization’s ability to be successful. Our SOUL’s people-focused architecture as applied to Knowledge Management changes all of that!


  SOUL consists of measurement and problem solving techniques that are used by teams to naturally achieve desired business goals - turning your teams into employee superheroes.


To find out more information or view a sample report, please call one of our customer representatives at (310) 476-6899 or email us.


Big Payoff with Little Effort using SOUL based KM

  • Deliverables – Increase in meeting deliverables within the time, money and quality goals by 40 to 60%
  • Process – Make sure a new process is usable and provides the expected quality to the customer
    • Usability – Ensuring that an implementation team can follow a new process the first time – saving 10 to 20% in labor hours
    • Quality – Ensuring that a service based process is both reliable and repeatable (ISO 9000 definition) when delivering quality results
  • Deadlines – Have greater visibility and control in meeting deadlines by accurately foreseeing and fixing issues before they occur
  • Leadership – Provide specific metric alignment of the learning and growth of a workforce to meet business objectives reliably.

SOUL drives KM and Lessons Learned Value


Our KM approach based on SOUL automatically determines lessons learned when used in conjunction with u2 Leadership. As your team is implementing their tasks or following their operational procedures, our u2 technology can determine the type of lessons learned in terms of strengths and weaknesses, what worked and didn’t work or any new ideas that can be used as valuable intellectual assets for the organization. Our u2 technology, based on our "smart" template "plug and play" approach, is vital in supporting any KM system that wants to focus on collecting only that data that is usable by the decision makers, implementers and operators alike. This is a must have technology for people wanting to use knowledge and not just store it and hope that somebody can do something with it someday.


Valid knowledge as to fulfilling customer needs, meeting business objectives, and supporting team goals is what KM systems need to become. Our Knowledge Validation approach, based on SOUL and implemented in u2 Leadership, automatically has the mathematics, methodologies and algorithms, using “Average Performance Range and Index” (APRI), to ensure the data you collect is useful, timely knowledge – and that’s the true essence of Knowledge Management. But, we take KM even further by combining it with the statistical strength of APRI to provide added insight in supporting you in making the "right" choices.


To find out more information or view a sample report, please call one of our customer representatives at (310) 476-6899 or email us.


Learn about The Daily Companion

The Daily Companion helps you to: (1) maturely deal with issues, (2) get your team behind you, and (3) continually learn to do better. For more info...

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