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How to get better quality work from your employees.

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SOUL Problem Solving Approach

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Eye-opening - "Realistic" Resource Allocation Planning and Analysis



We offer the ability to rapidly model a program/plan/workflow based on using existing templates regarding the type of services or products your organization provides.


You next add factors specific to how you define success, including resource allocation variables, cost and schedule needs. The entire process of capturing and modeling your needs is done using our automation features, making it easy and straightforward. When more information is discovered about the program/project/workflow, the technology makes it easy to continually refine the model.


Once the resource allocation plan is initially completed, we run a Monte Carlo simulation to test its strengths and weaknesses. This can be an eye-opening experience. From these results, we used our automation features to update the plan and provide detailed resource matrices based on role/title, group and subproject type.


If you want to have a "realistic" understanding of when and how many types of resources are needed to support your program/project/workflow, our Monte Carlo simulation gives you precise answers.


You can also use the simulation on an existing resource allocation. Our Monte Carlo analysis  provides quantitative answers to help you determine what’s preventing your teams working various deliverables from…

  • Improving cost to profit ratio
  • Reducing time-to-market
  • Winning more proposals

The core of this analysis is based on six key questions. By answering six straight-forward questions, our technology, using a Monte Carlo computer simulation approach running our Alignment Technology, will reveal eye-opening "ah-has" about improving performance, reducing cost and achieving results -- all based on a "realistic" resource allocation.


This is how we get started:

  • Answer six straight-forward questions about your program/project/workflow (see form below to request questions)
  • Your six responses are entered into our Monte Carlo simulation tool
  • Our tool runs the simulation to find strengths and weaknesses
  • Make adjustments to your resource allocation based on what's discovered
  • We provide you with the analysis and resports based on your specific business needs

Contact us to receive your six key questions using the form below - it's straightforward and eye-opening!


Note: Our request form below below gives you the option to specify your preference of business interest/solution - customizing our computer analysis to your business needs.


Q&A: Common questions you might ask...


How on earth can you do this analysis with only 6 questions? Answer
Who is best to answer the 6 questions within the organization and can it be a team effort? Answer
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How can I reduce my cost-to-produce, thereby increase my profit margin by using this analysis? Answer
How can I improve my time-to-market or increase sales by using this analysis? Answer
How can I win more bids by using this analysis? Answer
How successful has this approach been with other companies? Answer


Analysis Request Form (Qualified Beacon Leadership Members Receive a Free Analysis)



Call us at (310) 476-6899 or use the form below. This world class analysis is available for free to qualified Beacon Membership Society members. There is no fee for joining and we offer exclusive member only discounts for all products, services and workshops. Membership has its privileges and this offer is significant proof.

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The Next Generation Management Solution - u2 Leadership Software hosting the Monte Carlo simulator …



Your existing desktop office software can be used to model the future and test financial outcomes. Using our approach, you can better understand financial impact to your budget when things do change. Because change affects people in different ways, our approach allows you to include your employees’ experiences, skills and motivations as variables in order to fully understand and proactively deal with various types of global and business impact. Let us show you how your existing desktop office software can be used to ensure you have a reliable budget.


Using our templates and macros with your existing office software, you can (a) model project and initiatives, (b) simulate actual employee performance when assigned specific activities, (c) test financial outcomes involving various types of global and internal economic impacts.